This course which provides a systematic development of skills and knowledge of Pressure Vessel Design Engineer inline with International standards.

This certification course is design and developed by TWG GROUP. A course covering in depth the design of pressure vessel as per ASME Section VIII Division I including Process Equipments. (Vessels, Reactors, Heat Exchangers, Distillation Columns, ) Overview of PFD, P&ID and Process Data Sheets, Inputs required and use of the inputs, Relevant Codes and Standards used in Industry including ASME Section VIII, Materials Specifications – ASTM / ASME , Pressure Vessel Service Classification, Mechanical Properties of Steels, Overview of G.A. Drawings and Fabrication drawings of Equipments, Overview of Piping / Nozzle Orientation drawings of Pressure Vessels.

This certification course is more concentrated on manual design calculations of Stresses in Pressure Vessels, Pressure Vessels Shell and Head Thickness, Dead Weight, Hydrostatic Test Weight of Pressure vessels, Wind and Earthquake Loadings, Calculating Nozzle Necks and Nozzle Reinforcement, Saddle Support & Lifting Lug of Pressure vessels and Submission Pressure Vessels Design Project Report as Per ASME Section VIII Division I

A course covering in depth the requirements of in various sectors / industries including

PART - 1

PART - 2